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Baby Steps: "Learn the Signs. Act Early"

Help encourage your child's development and readiness to learn through the tips provided within the following short videos provided by the First Things First collaboration:


FTF Episode One: Intro                                        FTF Episode Thirteen: Sorting

FTF Episode Two: Sounds & Touch                    FTF Episode Fourteen: Sequences

FTF Episode Three: Speech & Language           FTF Episode Fifteen: Teaching

FTF Episode Four: Interactions                          FTF Episode Sixteen: Ask Questions

FTF Episode Five: Reading To Child                  FTF Episode Seventeen: Comparisons

FTF Episode Six: Words                                       FTF Episode Eighteen: Repetition

FTF Episode Seven: Reading with Child            FTF Episode Nineteen: Sounds

FTF Episode Eight: Rhyming                               FTF Episode Twenty: Ready for School

FTF Episode Nine: Colors & Shapes                    FTF Episode Twenty-one: Reading

FTF Episode Ten: Shapes                                     FTF Episode Twenty-two: TV & Videos

FTF Episode Eleven: Numbers                            FTF Episode Twenty-three: Music

FTF Episode Twelve: Letters                               FTF Episode Twenty-four: Grocery Store

FTF Episode Thirteen: Sorting                             FTF Episode Twenty-five: Playground

FTF Episode Fourteen: Sequences                      FTF Episode Twenty-six: Teaching tools