Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health

The Behavioral Health committee understands the importance not only of the physical health of developing children, but also the importance of their mental health. This group is dedicated to increase access to early childhood mental health services and supports, increase social and emotional screenings for children, and increase community awareness about the social and emotional wellness of children from birth to age five.



Our earliest days, weeks and months of life are a period of unparalleled growth when trillions of brain cell connections are made. We know that as babies, the way we are held, talked to and cared for teaches us about who we are and how we are valued. This profoundly shapes who we will become.  Simply put, early experiences matter.

Early childhood mental health is the capacity of a child from birth to age five to experience, regulate and express emotions; form close and secure interpersonal relationships; explore the environment and learn.  Early childhood mental health is synonymous with healthy social and emotional development.

In Summit County, early childhood mental health programming serves thousands of children, hundreds of teachers, and dozens of child care centers every year.  As a direct result of these services, we have seen a dramatic decrease in expulsion rates from daycare centers, and significant improvements in social and emotional development in children.  Our goal is to continue to further advance these improvements by the achieving the following goals:


  • increase access to early childhood mental health and community based services and supports for families.
  • Increase social emotional screenings for children.
  • Increase community awareness about the significance of social and emotional well-being on children’s functioning.




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Parents & Professionals: Watch the video below for a look at Summit County's commitment to Early Childhood Social & Emotional Wellness.