Early Care & Education

Early Care & Education

Early Care and Education Committee is working to dramatically change the life trajectories of  all Summit County children, especially those who are growing up in families facing major obstacles to success.  We are focusing our efforts on our youngest learners because we know that the earlier a child starts learning, the more likely he or she is set for success throughout their school years.  Having a good start to formal schooling is critical to future success.  In fact we know that arriving in Kindergarten ready to succeed is highly related to succeeding on the third grade reading assessments.  For these reasons, our committee strives to achieve the big goal of every child entering kindergarten “on track" for success.




Fall 2017 kindergarten registration dates are coming up soon. View a list of important enrollment dates and other details per school district in Summit County at the link below.






 Helpful Information for Parents-


The Early Care and Education Committee is working together in order to support your children's transition to Kindergarten. Through this work, 3 Transition Skills Strategies, listed below, have been identified and represent a focus of development that is part of a larger understanding of the foundation needed to support school readiness. 



Click the link below with strategies you can use with your child to provide them with more experiences in these key areas. 


TSS Activities



16 For Success


Below is a quick and easy guide to kindergarten readiness! By teaching your little one these 16 skills, you will be helping prepare them for success in school.